Accu-Cut Turf Series machines are designed
for artificial turf distributors and manufacturers.

Accu-Cut has been building machines for the floor covering industry since 1990. That is all that way do and we make a very high quality machine backed up by second to none service. We even have dedicated technicians that travel the country offering our customers tune-ups on their machines for $329 per visit.

As we are sure can agree the artificial turf / synthetic grass industry is growing in leaps and bounds lately with the drought in California home owners wanting to be more green. Our machines are built to last and many of our customers have had machines for over 15 years. The Turf Series machines feature a self sharpening circular cutting system that is capable of cutting the thickest most dense turf on the market.

There are even some artificial turf manufacturers in the Dalton Georgia area that are using our machines on a daily basis. We are happy to give you many references reaching as far as Belgium that are using the Accu-Cut Turf Series line of machines in their daily operations. We have multiple artificial turf companies that came back to purchase one and two additional machines for their new turf operations.  The machines save time and money!  The Turf Series machines feature 10 speed settings and incredibly fast and accurate.  One of our turf customers in the Anaheim area said they would not have grown to the size they are at without the help of their Accu-Cut.

  • Accu-Cut Turf Series machines are proud to feature expandable cradles that open and close at the turn of a switch.  This feature helps to keep the roll straight and keep it from rolling loose or sloppy.  The Turf Series machines are able to dump turf off either side of the machine at the turn of a switch.

  • The motion sensor eyes automatically keep the rolls rolling up straight!

  • Turf Series machines are extremely portable.  Once person can easily move the machine with very little effort.

  • The machines run off of 220 volt single phase power which is very easy for an electrician to install a plug for in a standard building. They only require 15 amps to run!

  • Foot cables that surround the machines enable the machine operator to run the machine from either side of the machine.  This allows the user to easily wrap the grass with plastic or stretch wrap.  The measuring/rolling/cutting/wrapping process can be done in as little as 3 minutes!

  • Turf Series model machines are longer than normal Accu-Cut machines will allows them to handle the 15 foot wide material / salvage edge with ease.

  • Financing is available for up to 84 months and is extremely hassle free.  Customers can even pay off their machine at any time for no penalty and for only the principle remaining amount.





Please contact us today and let us prove to you that an Accu-Cut Turf Series machine can bring more profits to your company, you'll be glad you did!